Turmeric – More than Just Skin Brightening It Fights Depression and Cancer Too

Turmeric-150x150There are some very compelling studies being released lately that are showing extremely powerful health benefits of the active nutrient in the “Indian” spice turmeric. Turmeric is known for its extremely bright yellow color and for it’s notably savory and earthy flavor.

It is used most commonly in curry pastes and dishes as well as an addition to many Indian style dishes.  It is considered somewhat of a taste specific flavor to some, but I find that I really like it, and that it has grown on me the more I’ve tried it in various dishes.

I had posted a while back about how turmeric could be used topically as a wonderful skin brightener. This is because it is so richly pigmented with a yellow, sunny color, and it may be added to foundation or cream (watered down first, so that the particles don’t just stay gritty and suspended) if you want a naturally pretty skin brightener.  Well, it turns out that this powerful little spice is a whole lot more than just a cosmetic brightening spice.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Turmeric is being studied right now as a powerful anti-cancer spice.  More specifically, it’s the main nutrient contained within turmeric, which is called curcumin. Curcumin is being hailed as very effective at reducing the splitting of cancerous cells without affecting the dividing of healthy cells.

This is very important since the main problem with chemotherapy and other toxic cancer therapies traditionally available in western medicine today, the therapy not only prevents cancer cells from dividing, but also healthy cells. This causes cell death and rapid deterioration of the body in cancer patients, worse than the cancer itself.

Curcumin is a very strong antioxidant, meaning of course that it scrubs our bodies for free radicals very effectively. Free radicals, as I’m also sure you know (otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading about a natural remedy), are responsible for cell damage throughout our bodies.

They are destructive molecules that are capable of killing and helping along the mutation of our healthy bodily cells. This can be everything from skin cells to the cells that make up our liver, pancreas, breasts or any other organ of our body that contains specific types of cells.

This means that this fact alone makes curcumin a potent cancer fighting agent. However, there is something additional at work with this nutrient since it seems to exhibit more powerful healthy benefits than most other antioxidants.

The “why” around this is ongoing and science is looking for that answer as we speak. However, all we need to know is that adding this spice to our diet, especially with healthy fats like olive oil that help it to absorb correctly, gets us one step closer to being cancer-proof.

Curcumin and Depression

Here’s the kicker. Not only does curcuming fight cancer and have skin beautifying properties. It also is being studied as a serious remedy for depression.  Preliminary findings suggest that curcumin, in the right dosages may be as or more effective than the most commonly prescribed antidepressants on the market today.

Wait, but that’s not even the real kicker. The reak kicker is that it has the same or better benefits as antidepressants without the awful side effects that western antidepressants tend to have on most patients who use them. Better yet, it’s non habit forming, so you can “come off” of it without the side effects. Although you might want to keep taking it indefinitely if you experience a great mood lifting benefit of course!

So there you go, in a nutshell those are the reasons you should really start to include the spice turmeric in your diet more. Even if you just take some by spoon every day with a little olive oil, it really can have profound effects on your health.


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