Want to Reduce Pore Size for More Refined Skin?

poresI cannot tell you how many people are not happy with the way the pores look around their nose and in their oily T-zone areas on their face.  I’ve often found myself looking in the mirror with my face only an inch away, seeing all the micro-tiny pores on my nose and on the sides of my nose with dismay.

Enlarged pores – we all have them

The good news is, you really can’t see enlarged pores unless you’re right up on them. The bad news is that just about all of us have these clogged pores which appear enlarged and black, and they are really hard to actually get rid of.

Extractions can work to a degree, but you really have to have a professional do them to minimize the likelihood of an infected pore.  There are some products on the market which claim to help “melt” the impurities by getting deep down in the pores and dissolving the gunky stuff that causes black heads.

Clay masks

You can also make your own clay mask out of bentonite clay, a volcanic ash that is relatively inexpensive that has an electricl charge which pulls dirt and debris out and absorbs it so that it may be expelled from the skin. This is one of the most natural and effective masks you can make for cleansing your pores and helping blackheads.

However, you can still end up with an enlarged pore that is susceptible to infection and blackheads over and over afterwards.  To make sure you close the pores after you cleanse, you really need an astringent, which helps to close them back up after you’ve opened them.

Essential oils for reducing pore size

This can be achieved by natural essential oils such as tea tree oil and lemongrass oils, both of which are main ingredients in our natural acne soap.  Also, good old fashioned ice cold water or even ice cubes will help shrink the pores back down the size after they’ve opened up due to cleansing and contact with warm water.

Manual dermabrasion and exfoliation kits can also help make your pores appear smaller by refining the skin and removing the dirt and debris that get stuck in the pores and enlarge them.  This is one of my favorite tricks to reduce the appearance of my pores.

After I’ve exfoliated, I always splash my fave vigorously with cold water and make sure I apply my non-pore clogging moisturizer liberally to prevent too much flaking. This also helps to sooth the abraded skin.

Exfoliation helps shrink pores

I scrub my skin pretty vigorously because I notice that the more I exfoliate the dead stuff off, the smoother my face is the next day, and the less visible my pores are.  Since there really is no known way, perhaps other than something invasive or risky, to permanently shrink the pores, you really have to make sure you minimize their appearance regularly by having a good exfoliation program that you stick to and using those naturally astringent (pore closing, antiseptic) oils we talked about.

I wouldn’t use the astringents/toners you see on the store counters as they often contain harsh chemicals and drying agents as well as artificial colors and fragrances.  These are often drying because they contain drying forms of liquid alcohol as solvent as well, which may only aggravate your pores.

Remember, if you have very oil skin like I do, it’s much more likely that you’ll have enlarged pores, especially around the nose which is where they are most prevalent due to the excessive sebum the nose produces. Keeping the skin from becoming too oily by cleansing it with good, natural pore reducing astringents and keeping the pores closed is essential to making the pores look smaller all day long.

One of the best makeup choices for pores is mineral powder makeup.  It can also camouflage enlarged pores pretty effectively when it is deftly applied with expertise.  You can especially benefit from layering a mineral makeup around your nose area with the precision brush since it not only helps camouflage the large or clogged pores, but it also helps soak up the extra sebum produced in this notoriously oily area.


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