How Many Times a Day Should You Wash Your Face if Acne Prone?

Acne Soap with BorderWashing your face : what’s just right for acne prone, oily skin?

There is often confusion about how many times you should be washing your face if you have acne prone skin.  I’ve always been a proponent of letting your skin tell you how often it likes to be washed. This way, you don’t have to stick to any hard and fast rule about facial washing.  You let your own very individual skin type tell you.

However a rule that I recommend everyone sticks to is making sure that if they choose to only wash their face once a day, they make that time at night.  This is the time that is most crucial.  After a day full of exposure to dirt, air pollution, bacteria, and for women a day full of wearing makeup often times, it is imperative that you clean all of that off the skin before going to bed for the night.

Washing in the morning is not as imperative, but I do wash my face both at night and in the morning because I have skin that is very oily (even now that I’m in my thirties) and that tends to break out when I don’t wash my skin twice a day due to my overactive oil glands.

I suggest that if you wake up and your face is very oily, you wash again in the morning.  This starts your day with a clean slate. Rather than the sebum that is on the surface collecting all the dirt, bacteria and dust etc. your skin is fresher and takes a little more time to again build up the oil that attracts these acne causing and pore clogging pests.

Lots of guys actually only wash once a day because they don’t wear makeup. This is perfectly acceptable as long as the skin is staying free of blemishes.  If the skin starts getting blemished, then guys should definitely consider also using their (preferably gentle, all natural) cleanser in the morning as well so they can remove any “dirt magnets” that accumulated over night.

What you use to wash is VERY important 

Of course I suggest using a potent natural antibacterial face wash or soap (you already know this but we offer a very potent natural antibacterial acne soap).  Soaps and cleansers that do not dry the skin are also imperative as they do not cause the oil glands to over-activate again by depleting the skin of moisture.

The skin’s oil glands are designed to fight back hard against dryness, so you are really shooting yourself in the foot if you over-dry your skin.

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