What’s in That Liquid Hand Soap You’re Using?

soapy handsOne of the products that I’ve had on my radar for a little while to begin offering at Aura Sensory is a sulfate and chemical free antibacterial liquid hand soap. There are some excellent essential oils that would kill the bacteria on your hands AND happen to smell wonderful at the same time.

I also have a great formula thought up for this natural hand soap. As with everything though, it will take a little while to actually get this offering available on our website. There are many considerations such as packaging, shipping weight and whether it is practical to ship, and many other considerations.

Liquid soaps often contain several chemicals and toxins

I just wanted to talk a minute about the ingredients that are often in these hand soaps we keep at our kitchen and bathroom sinks, that we use in public and work restrooms, and that we tend to see pretty much everywhere.

Often times they are loaded with chemicals to scent them and to make them antibacterial. Chemicals are not needed for a great fresh scent (plant oils do an exceptional job which you well know if you’ve tried any of our products). They also are not needed to make a soap a highly effective antibacterial and cleansing agent.


They can contain triclosan, which has been exposed as a nerve toxin as well as an endocrine disruptor. It is highly suspected to also be a carcinogenic (cancer causing) agent.

Triclosan has been removed from many products after consumer right advocates exposed it as being toxic, but it still remains in many antibacterial gels and soaps, including deodorants and even surfaces and other products that claim to be antibacterial or antimicrobial.

Even more shocking is the revelation that triclosan products do not even kill bacteria any more efficiently than a product that does not contain this ingredient. In other words, just plain old bath soap kills the same amount of bacteria than many of these “antibacterial” soaps and liquids.

Sulfates are not necessary to get your hands clean

Sodium lauryl sulfate and other sulfates are also not necessary to efficiently kill bacteria and clean the hands. Sulfates are harsh surfactants which strip the skin of its protection and can erode the health and well-being of your skin with repeated use.

There are better, safer and gentler foaming agents such as the one we use in our shampoo which does not strip or harm the hair or skin. It is based on corn and sugar and you can tell the gentle foam is worlds different from harsh sulfates the moment it touches your skin.

In short, you don’t need all the chemicals, the perfumes with God knows how many chemicals in them and the stripping surfactants and antibacterial chemicals in order to get clean, germ free hands. And we intend to start offering a great alternative to our customers within the next year!

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