Why Dark Hair Dyes and Hair Straighteners are Highly Toxic

Unfortunately, the quest for beautifully colored, youthful looking hair often exposes us to some seriously toxic and dangerous, disease-causing chemicals. In hair straighteners alone, there are several chemicals, often include the highly toxic formaldehyde, that cause such serious tissue and lung irritation that they are classified as highly carcinogenic.

Combine the fact that these chemicals are highly toxic with the fact that many women and men put themselves into contact with them several times a year as the process is repeated, and you’ve got massive toxic exposure.

Dark Hair Dyes – Why They are More Toxic Than Bleaching Hair Dye

Dark hair dyes contain more of the toxic chemicals than lighter hair dyes, and have been linked to cancer. They contain chemicals like PPD (paraphenylene diamine), which is a known carcinogen.

The worst part about using toxic hair dyes is that it penetrates one of the highest blood flow areas on your body – your scalp. Since the blood flow is rich here, you can be assured that the toxic chemicals are being quickly absorbed and transported throughout the body.

The darker the hair dye, the more toxic it is, and surprisingly the blonde or lighter hair dyes contain less toxic ingredients. This is totally a generalization though, and still know that all chemical hair dyes present various health risks.

The best way to go is to pick a natural hair color or go with something like henna hair colors to help reduce your toxic exposure. Also, just try to reduce the number of times you dye your hair in a year. Coloring your hair is generally not good for the health of your hair anyway, so you’ll be giving your hair a much needed break from processing as well as saving your health.

While your hair may look great when you’ve first dyed it, this is really simply because it is refreshing the color that has naturally faded out and making the hair appear more rich and saturated in color.

However, you can help keep your haircolor rich and saturated by using the right products.  Our Deep Hydration Conditioner contains 3 key ingredients that help deposit and maintain protein in the hair shaft, and prevent the porosity that contributes to a washed out look.

Hair Straightening Treatments – Why Are They Toxic?

Another common toxic hair process is the straightening treatment. Brazilian blowouts, Japanese straightening (AKA thermal reconditioning), Cold Smoothing, and various other smoothing and straightening treatments are all made out of toxic chemicals.

Some of them can even burn the scalp if left on too long. People have reported lung and throat irritation simply from sitting in the salon chair for a few hours getting these treatments done.

In addition, the stylists that do these treatments on clients have complained of bloody noses, eye, ear, nose and throat irritation, and a variety of other health issues simply from working around these chemicals all the time. These chemicals may make your hair look a certain way at first, but in the end they all damage your hair and may even cause it to fall out eventually.

While many clients are thrilled with the results for a while, they soon find that these processes have actually weakened their hair, and subjected them to toxic chemical inhalation and absorption repeatedly.

Many women who have gotten these straightening treatments have even reported scabbing on the scalp, breakage in their hair, and an increase in split ends. Some can lighten your hair as an unintended side effect too, which isn’t exactly what everyone wants.

In the end, these chemicals may give the appearance of healthy hair, but the end result is always weaker hair that doesn’t look healthy. In the process, they absorb into your skin and are inhaled through the nose, all providing the perfect path to your blood stream, which is where these chemicals can cause cell death, cell mutation (cancer) and other serious health issues.

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