Why Do Some People Use Hemorrhoid Cream for Under Their Eyes?

PeelsYou may have heard of a folk remedy for under eye puffiness that seems counterintuitive and may even bring a blush to some faces due to the nature of the remedy.  Hemorrhoid cream has long been noted as a somewhat effective remedy for those who have occasional under eye puffiness and wrinkles.

Whether this puffiness is hereditary or cause by excess salt consumption (and hence water retention) or a good old fashioned lack of sleep, it can definitely be a beauty concern for many of us.

It’s great to look refreshed, well rested and ready for anything, and when you wake up with that occasional under eye puffiness, it can really make you look tired, and often times can add years to your appearance.

Why Hemorrhoid Creams Used to Help with Puffiness

Hemorrhoid creams, at least the older formulations, gained notoriety for usefulness against puffiness because of two main ingredients they contained. One was shark oil and the other was a compound called LYCD.  Both have since been removed from most US formulations, so some people resort to buying the creams that still contain them internationally, from places like Canada and other countries that have not banned the ingredients from the ointments.

However, it should be noted that it may not be the best thing to apply to the under eye area. These two ingredients may actually be harmful if they get in the eyes, and this is part of the reason the FDA had manufacturers remove these ingredients from topical ointments and creams here in the US.  Plus, some people saw results in a reduction in puffiness while others noticed nothing, so it’s not a 100% fool proof method to reduce puffiness.

Better Alternatives that Won’t Hurt Your Eyes

Hyaluronic acid is a great plumper and firming agent for under the eyes.  Especially when you refrigerate it.  In addition, ice packs under the eyes can reduce puffiness since they reduce swelling.

Reducing the sodium you eat in your diet, or at the very least switching to a more easily metabolized salt such as raw and unprocessed Himalayan salt (it will still have a dark color because it contains all the minerals that help the body to absorb and expel excess sodium correctly), will help. This is because you won’t retain as much water.

Also, the age old remedy of putting cold cucumbers under the eyes (or anything else that’s cold) can help as well. Cold tea bags (used) can help as well since they help to draw out excess water and puffiness since they contain caffeine (and they’re cold to boot).  Making sure you get plenty of sleep is also a great way to prevent puffiness since lack of sleep is a major contributor to both bags and circles under the eyes.

You can also try giving yourself a light, gentle massage under the eyes.  This is actually a technique that is used by massage therapists to help relieve a puffy face and also to help increase circulation in the face, which can help puffiness disappear quicker.

Start at the outer corners of the eye. You’ll feel little pockets that feel like sand clusters near the ocular bone. Gently massage these in a small circular motion from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye.  It feels great, and it really helps get your local circulation going so the excess water can be flushed out of this area, making your eyes look more alert.

You’ll often notice that puffiness diminishes as your day progresses, especially if you’ve been active. That’s because the excess fluid that settles during the night is now circulating more effectively through the body, being transported and expelled as it should be.  Massaging the area just helps jump start this natural process of fluid elimination.

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