Why Garlic is Great for Your Hair (Among Other Health Benefits)

GarlicGarlic is an essential part of my (almost) every day health regimen although I must confess that the hair growth and beauty benefits of this tradition were not known to me until recently.

My husband and I will often crack open a clove of whole, raw garlic and chew it along with a mouth full of water until it is well-processed and broken up to release the beneficial nutrient allicin, a sulphur compound.

Raw garlic is a very potent natural health food.  It contains natural antibiotics, a ton of natural anti-inflammatories and also the hair-healthy benefits of a high natural sulphur content which is a necessary nutrient for building strong hair.

Garlic also contains vitamin E and C, both of which are necessary vitamins for the structure and integrity, shine and flexibility of the hair and skin as well as selenium, a necessary nutrient for hair growth.

Sulphurs which are found in vegetables are an essential building block to healthy hair and skin which is why garlic is an essential part of your diet, especially if you’re not getting enough of these sulfur compounds elsewhere in your diet.

Sulphur is found in large quantities in both our hair, nails and skin. Eating foods rich in this nutrient helps to keep these tissues strong and keeps them from splitting, breaking and falling out as readily.  It fortifies the healthy and resillience of the hair and skin internally and is a great remedy for preventing premature hair loss, thinning and generally weak or fragile hair.

Garlic also contains the minerals coppler, iron and zinc, three very important minerals for the health and strength of the hair, and two minerals which are often cited as deficient in those who struggle with hair loss.  Copper has been rumored to also be beneficial for helping to keep the color of the hair more saturated as we age and to help prevent graying.

Garlic even can help promote hair growth topically!

It sounds a little crazy to do this, especially since garlic has a naturally pungent and very identifiable smell that some people love and some hate, but you can actually use garlic topically to help with hair loss. Rubbing the inside of garlic cloves or using garlic saturated oil on the scalp has proven beneficial to help regrow hair and nourish the follicles for healthier and more abundant hair growth.

Topical garlic helps to stimulate blood flow where applied, and can help promote new growth and clear up any blockages in the follicles. In addition, garlic’s internal properties promote more free blood flow through the veins and arteries of the body, which helps skin and hair in general since better circulation means healthier hair and skin. The better the blood can transport important nutrients to these connective tissues, the better your hair and skin will look.









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