Why is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Your Skin and Hair?

Organic Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is one of those catch-all types of folk remedies that evolved from being mostly an ingredient in salad dressings and some other types of recipes (it makes an excellent addition to Italian dressing recipes instead of white vinegar) to being a cure-all.

ACV for beautiful skin and hair?

It is also called ACV for short, which is a much easier way to refer to it so that’s what I’ll use going forward. I wanted to talk about some of the beauty uses of ACV, particularly for the skin and hair since there are some real, tangible results you can get from working this inexpensive folk remedy into your beauty routine.

And what bigger parts of your beauty routine than your hair and skin? I’d say those are the biggest concerns for most men and women when it comes to their appearance, which is why every man and woman should have a bottle of organic ACV in their pantry at all times.

Apple cider vinegar, internal and external skin uses

Not just for beauty purposes, but also for the many other internal purposes it can be used for as well.  ACV can be applied as a topical astringent for those with acne, as long as there are no open wounds on the face upon application since it can definitely sting.

You can dilute the ACV down by two parts water to one part ACV and swab it over the skin after cleansing for a great way to not only help close the pores with its natural acidity and astringent qualities, but also to deep cleanse the pores, bathing them in an antibacterial treatment so that acne-causing bacteria is stopped in its tracks.

Tea tree oil is another natural remedy that can be used topically as an antibacterial astringent, but both ACV and tea tree oil have pungent smells, so you can pretty much expect a pungent smell from any natural remedy that kills bacteria very effectively.

ACV can not only be useful for acne prevention, but it can also prove beneficial for those who suffer from eczema, another one of the most common skin conditions out there.

Eczema is a rough, red, patchy and flaky skin condition that can flare up to varying degrees.  Using a diluted solution with organic ACV can help soothe and calm it, putting it into remission. You can also soak a towel in this solution and put it over the affected area for a soothing and healing wrap.

Organic ACV for the hair

The reason we use organic ACV as part of our natural shampoo formula is because it has a twofold purpose. First off, it helps in the cleansing process, gently removing old debris and dirt, and making the hair look shinier and cleaner.

It also provides a cleaner surface onto which our Deep Hydration Conditioner can adhere to, essentially making the conditioner all that much more effective as well.  The ACV makes the hair look shinier and healthier by sealing the cuticle with its natural acidity and helping to nourish the scalp and clear anything hampering healthy hair growth, including things like dandruff and product buildup, as well as clearing any fungal infections or growths that can occur on the scalp since ACV is highly anti-fungal in nature.

Why use organic apple cider vinegar?

You really have to use the organic apple cider vinegar to get the best benefits. It is unfiltered, and this is why you see the cloudy brown sediment at the bottom of an organic bottle of ACV. This stuff is called “the mother”.

It’s called the mother because it really contains the highest nutrients in all the ACV, and when you shake up the bottle and get little bits of this nutrient-packed stuff, you’re getting the pure enzymes and nutrients that are the product of the fermentation process. This is truly the “gold” in the bottle and you’re missing out on these healing enzymes if you buy the filtered or distilled stuff.



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