Why is Triclosan Still Used in Deodorants, Hand Soaps and Sanitizers?

Triclosan ToxicityTriclosan is a very questionable and very likely highly toxic ingredient that to this day is still included in many hand washes, soaps, deodorants and hand sanitizers and wipes.  While it may be effective at killing bacteria, the fact remains that it is also highly toxic to our nervous system, and has been identified as a very probably carcinogen as well.

Triclosan has polluted ecosystems

In fact, triclosan has been blamed for polluting lakes and killing off plant and aquatic life when it infiltrates aquatic environments. Any chemical that can do that to an ecosystem does not belong anywhere near or on the human body. Yet it is still used in these so-called antibacterial products that are put on human skin in the name of protecting us against bacteria and germs.

The fact is that many of these chemical-heavy sanitizers and antibacterial types of products are no more effective than the simple act of washing your hands with a simple bar of soap (preferably chemical and sulfate free) and warm or hot water. The simple mechanical motion, combined with a little bit of lather and some hot or warm water, kills and removes bacteria and microbes just as well.

So really, while these antibacterial products prey on America’s fear of germs and the germophobic type of atmosphere we’ve come to live in these days, trying to protect ourselves against invaders at any price, they really are not any more effective than good old fashioned common sense hand washing.

Natural essential oils are powerful antibacterial agents

There is of course another point here that I want to make, and that is that there are plenty of essential oils that work fantastically as antibacterial agents. In fact, most essential oils are antibacterial by their very nature.  We use several of the most highly antibacterial essential oils in our acne soap, for example, so that it kills off the surface bacteria that causes acne called p. acnes for short.

If you ever see triclosan in an ingredient list, do not buy the product. Know that there are much safer and less toxic ways to rid your skin of bacteria and to help keep your smelling fresh all day (as is the case with deodorants that contain triclosan, this is a totally  unnecessary ingredient for a deodorant).


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