Why MSM is So Good for Your Skin

Face Cream Front with BorderAs you’ve probably seen, our new Nourish & Hydrate MSM face cream that was in development for a while has recently been released. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that one of the main active ingredients is something called “MSM” or methylsulfonylmethane.

MSM is a naturally occurring or organic sulfur compound.  Sulfur compounds are the main health benefit in veggies like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and other veggies that tend to “stink” when cooked.

By the way our cream does not smell unappealing since MSM has no scent itself and we add pure essential oil of pink grapefruit for a light natural citrus scent).

So, why did we choose MSM of all things to put as one of the main ingredients in our rich nourishing facial moisturizer?  Well, MSM has some very impressive benefits when applied topically to the skin. Over time, the results get better and better. It is totally natural, has no known sensitivities or interactions, and has proven itself to be a very naturally therapeutic compound for the skin.

MSM helps maintain joint flexibility, acts as an internal “lubricant’ when taken internally

MSM is a popular supplement to take internally because it helps to keep the joints and ligaments healthy by keeping them limber and flexible. It has this same effect on the skin cells when applied topically to the skin.  Because it helps to keep the skin cells soft, permeable and flexible, it greatly soften wrinkles and fine lines over time and helps keep the skin cells from becoming rigid and dried out.

It is excellent at keeping the skin hydrated all day long.  Especially when combined with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum which also adds actual water content to the skin cells, keeping them plump and moist all day long.

When you pair these two products (you still need a moisturizer like our Nourish and Hydrate facial cream with the hyaluronic acid serum), your skin looks hydrated, moist and vibrant all day long because it retains moisture and plumpness so well.

MSM helps fade brown spots and even skin tone

There are actually two ingredients in our Nourish & Hydrate face cream that even the skin tone, the MSM helps and the vitamin C ester also is known for it’s skin brightening capabilities and ability to help smooth and even the skin tone.

MSM has also been useful in fading old acne scars, brown spots and melasma and overall reduction of hyper-pigmentation and other spotting or uneven skin tone issues.  Since I’ve been using the Nourish & Hydrate cream with MSM and Vitamin C ester, I’ve noticed a substantial improvement in some of the ages spots that appeared due to sun exposure.

Get your natural dose of MSM internally by eating these foods

In addition to using MSM externally on the skin, make sure you get enough naturally in your diet. Increase your intake of foods like garlic, broccoli, cabbage, onions, asparagus and dark green vegetables.  The less you cook them, the more natural MSM they retain, and the more your skin, hair and nails benefit by the internal effects this nutrient has on their growth and their health.

You can supplement your diet with a powder or pill, but it’s really best to just get the natural food since you also get the benefits of the synergy of vitamins, minerals and organic sulfur compounds. After all, nature does it best!





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