Why Our Natural Calming Acne Soap is Also Good for Rosacea

Acne Soap with BorderRosacea is a skin condition that is most common in those with fair skin that is of European origin.  This is partly because if you have such fair skin, it is easy to see when it is irritated because it easily flushes, but some researchers also think that those with fair skin have a genetic predisposition to rosacea as well, which contributes to the likelihood they will come into contact with this skin complaint some day.

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Rosacea is essential an inflammation or irritation of the underlying vessels and capillaries that are beneath the skin just far enough to be protected, but just close enough to be seen when they are inflamed.  Essentially, rosacea is the inflammation of these vessels, and since fair people’s skin can be much more “transparent”, it may just be that this condition is a lot more visible on their skin type.

Our acne soap addresses the “calming” aspect that people with rosacea need for the skin.  The lavender essential oil, which is therapeutic grade, has very intensive calming qualities for the skin, along with antibacterial qualities as well. So it gets deep down into the pores, and deep cleans without irritating the skin, simultaneously calming it and soothing redness and irritation.

This is part of what makes our soap such a great soap for acne. The essential oils we use are non-drying and also very calming to the skin, so you don’t get that irriation and redness that you may get with harsher soaps or cleansers. Plus, it’s sulfate free.

The same all goes for those with rosacea. Since rosaccea, like acne, is often an inflammatory skin condition in nature, skin affected by it can greatly benefit from our natural acne soap. Now, back to the sulfate free part.

Sulfates are harsh detergents that can dry and irritate the skin. Our acne soap (as well as all of our other cleansing products) are free of these harsh sulfates. So, all of our products, including the Natural Acne Soap, are designed to clean the skin while also simultaneously soothing, moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Those with rosacea also often have incredibly sensitive skin. It is imperative that any cleansing products are gentle, but effective as deep cleansers as well. This dual combination of attributes in a cleanser are the key to keeping calm skin.

Additionally, those with rosacea should adhere to a diet free of the “trigger” foods that often cause their face to redden. These can include caffeinated beverages, any type of stimulant supplements that stimulate the nervous system, extremely spicy or hot foods, and any other personal triggers they notice trigger their rosacea to worsen.

Some people find that wine with sulfites does this too, however it may just be any alcohol in general that reddens the face.  Many people notice the redness worsens when the specifically drink certain types of wines though, which is why this sort of myth started that it was the sulfites in wine even though this theory has never really tested out to be 100% fact.

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