Why Using an All Natural Lip Balm is Important

Our lip balms are made with beeswaxWe only make all natural lip balms here at Aura Sensory. There’s a reason for that too. All those seemingly harmless fake flavors that dominate the market in lip balms that you typically find on store shelves (or online of course) actually can be doing more harm than you think.

We apply lip balm several times every day

The reason is that lip balm is one of the few products that most people tend to apply and reapply several times a day. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed lip balm addict (like me), you likely will need to apply the stuff several times a day since our lips are exposed to so many things that dry them out.

Eating food, drinking, licking your lips – these are all activities that can dry the lips out and make them flake and sometimes even bleed if they are severely chapped. This is why it’s important to keep them hydrated – but healthfully hydrated, not coated in the chemicals that typically comprise these artificial flavors and petroleum by-products which are also commonly found in so many commercial formulations.

We ingest small amounts of lip balm with every application

Since you also tend to be prone to actually ingest small amounts of the lip balm as it is applied time and again, as well as to absorb it into the blood stream via the lips, your exposure becomes two fold (or more). This makes it all that much more important to choose a totally natural formula for your lips.

The natural flavors we use here are all natural plant essential oils that are pressed from herbs and other plant materials, sweetened with the natural sweetener stevia, which many of you may use on your food or in your drinks. It’s all stuff that you can eat it’s so safe, so you can feel good about applying it time and time again during the day.

It’s simple, natural flavor that tastes great because it’s wholesome without that distinct “phony” flavor that so many artificial flavors can have.


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