Detox and Make Skin Glow with This Salsa Fresca Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good salsa fresca or pico de gallo?  The first time I had this type of salsa was many years ago at one of my favorite restaurants, and from there it was a longstanding favorite.

There are so many ways you can add salsa to your meals – it can be a complementary addition to so many different types of foods. You can add it to your eggs in the morning, to your sandwiches and wraps at lunch time, or dip just about anything in it as a condiment.

With summer coming, we’re going to have plentiful tomatoes, onions, peppers and fresh herbs to prepare it with too. Which is precisely why I wanted to post this recipe now.  This recipe is for a salsa fresca that’s super easy to make, and comes with lots of health (and beauty) benefits that you may not have even known about.

Cilantro and Garlic – Two Major Health Promoters

Two of the most powerful antioxidants aren’t even the tomatoes or the onions – they’re the garlic and the cilantro! That’s right, cilantro is a nutritional powerhouse – who knew!?  Cilantro is not only high in vitamins A, C, and K.  It is also a digestive aid, and it provides high levels of the mineral potassium.

Cilantro also is one of the few herbs that can actually help to remove heavy metals from the body.  It contains compounds that bind to heavy metals (like aluminum and lead) and help remove them from the tissues and eliminate them from the body.  Since the herb also has mild diuretic properties, this aids in the detoxifying effect of the herb.

Garlic is a very potent antioxidant and a natural antibiotic.  Garlic also has multiple health benefits that extend beyond its powerful anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties though.  Garlic is high in sulfur compounds. Diets high in these sulfur compounds are linked to lower risk for a variety of diseases and ailments.

You might very well start hearing “a garlic clove a day keeps the doctor away”. There is more research coming out all of the time about garlic and its impressive nutritional profile and myriad health benefits.

Tomatoes are also abundant in health-promoting nutrients.  Tomatoes are the main ingredient in this recipe.  They are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and the skin cancer fighting all star antioxidant called lycopene.

Onions, like garlic, are high in cancer and disease fighting sulfur compounds.  They are very high in antioxidants as well.

So without further ado, let’s get to the recipe.

Salsa Fresca Recipe:

  • One pint basket of cherry or grape tomatoes
  • One half an onion, chopped just small enough to fit in a blender
  • 4 cloves of garlic, minced
  • One hand full of fresh cilantro – use more or less to taste
  • Chili pepper and garlic paste – 3 tablespoons
  • 1/2 a small lime, juiced
  • Green and red pepper, optional

Take all of these ingredients and pulse them a few times in the blender. You don’t want this to be a watery, completely blended salsa. The idea is to have it come out very chunky.  Enjoy the fresh, wholesome flavor of this fresh, chunky salsa – and your body will thank you for all of the hugely health promoting nutrients that come with it.


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