My Update on Getting Rid of a Mole with Tea Tree Oil (Pictures too!)

tea tree oil mole removalI posted a while back about a natural remedy for mole removal using an essential oil that is known to have extremely effective antibacterial properties (and it also happens to be one of the main oils in our sulfate free anti-redness acne soap).  I’m talking about tea tree oil, which is a native of Australia where the tree that bears this oil is grown most easily.


I had a mole on my lower back for a while, and after visiting a dermatologist who did not feel it was anything to worry about, I decided to try a natural remedy to remove it so that it wouldn’t “become” something I ever had to worry about, and so that I could just remove it for cosmetic purposes as well. Plus I have to admit I was just CURIOUS whether or not this folk remedy worked.

And guess what IT DID WORK.  I have the pictures to show you of the progress too. which I’ve posted below.  I will also share with you how I got rid of it, and how the process was relatively easy. It was a little uncomfortable since I actually allowed the oil to stay on my skin all night long, which caused some tissue irritation around the mole, but other than that it was very effective.

I first did what a lot of the folk remedies recommend. I put a paste made of castor oil and baking soda on the mole for about four nights prior to applying the tea tree oil. This supposedly softens the skin up and makes the mole easier to remove in some way although I confess to not understand exactly how, nor do I know if this remedy works without that step since this is what I did.

After these four nights were over, I started to apply the tea tree oil to the mole (it’s almost impossible to not get the oil on surrounding skin as well, especially if it’s a small mole), but what I found was that it was simply being rubbed off by my clothes every night.

I then decided to try saturating a tiny piece of cotton (ripped from a cotton ball) with the tea tree oil, then placing it in the middle non-sticky part of a normal band-aid and placing it directly over my mole every night.

I accidentally left it on all the next day the first time, and I did notice that it started to irritate the skin, so I tried to only do it at night. It took about 5-6 nights in total, taking a break for one or two nights in between, to get rid of the mole.  What happened on that 6th or seventh night is shown in the pictures below.

The mole completely scabbed over.  I wasn’t sure what would happen when I tried to remove the skin, but it felt like it would be easy enough to pull off, and when I was sure that the scab had dried enough I pulled it off and all there was, was completely smooth skin (albeit irritated).

I ended up simply putting some coconut oil and shea butter on the irritated skin for the next few nights and it healed beautifully.  The mole was completely GONE.  Pretty amazing stuff. See pictures below.

The mole before it was pulled off

The mole before it was pulled off


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