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April, 2013
Aura Sensory, the maker of a popular natural deodorant, is making a very special offer in honor of the upcoming Earth Day April 22, 2013. In an effort to get more people converted to a healthier deodorant alternative, they are offering a free natural deodorant with any purchase totaling $10 or more on their website for the first week in April.

Danna Norek, the owner of the Aura Sensory line of products explains. “Instead of the usual standard discount promotions, I wanted to make more of a statement in honor of Earth Day. It is estimated that 90% of the US population over the age of 13 or 14 wears deodorant.

By offering a strong incentive to try one of the products in our line that has a direct impact on more people’s health and well being, I feel like we’re going to be “converting” more people to this healthier way of fighting underarm odor.”

With so many people becoming interested in more natural options for the products they put on their family’s skin and hair, Aura Sensory has enjoyed an increased visibility in this space. The natural deodorant was actually the first offering in their line of natural body, skin and hair care.

Norek goes on to explain “When I first introduced the product and the company, I really didn’t have a firm grasp on what I was doing in this particular business yet. My background was in internet marketing up until that point, so it was quite a learning experience for me. I made changes based on the feedback that those initial customers gave me about the deodorant, and we finally came to the formula we have today.

I’m really happy how it turned out. It’s very concentrated, so you don’t need a lot of it for all day odor control. It’s one of the few aluminum free natural deodorants with absolutely no petroleum by-products like propylene glycol, and absolutely no artificial fragrances. This is so important for a product that stays on your skin all day and is near the most concentrated cluster of lymph nodes in your body. I’m really proud of that!”

The company started to expand into hair care toward the end of 2012 and has seen a great interest in these products as well. People are becoming aware that the chemicals and harsh surfactants in hair care degrade the beauty and health of the hair over time, just like these types of ingredients harm the integrity of the skin.

The deodorant remains one of the company’s core products since it is a staple that most Americans wear. Norek continues “If we can just get people to try it out with this April promotion, I’m confident that they will find it just as, or more, effective as the deodorants on the market that contain all those harmful chemicals and aluminum.

It’s just a matter of getting it into people’s hands so they can start this healthy habit. That’s what this promotion is aimed at achieving.” The April promotion will run from Monday April 1st through Monday April 8th.

Monday December 12, 2012 Press Release
COPLEY, Ohio, Dec. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Danna Norek created Aura Sensory Natural Body, Skin and Hair Care ( to offer natural personal care alternatives to conventional products. The website offers eco-friendly acne and body soaps, lotions, deodorants, lip balms and hair care products that nourish the body with natural ingredients rather than bombard it with chemicals and synthetics.

Extensively tested for effectiveness before release to market, Aura Sensory products are made on order to ensure maximum freshness. Instead of chemical preservatives, the company uses natural preservatives such as vitamin E and C as well as naturally antibacterial essential oils. “Also, many of my products include organic coconut oil, organic argan oil and organic shea butter, which all contain a naturally synergistic blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other compounds that are better than any manmade material for nourishing and protecting the skin and hair,” stated Norek.

As an example of why consumers should pick natural products over manmade, she explained she uses natural plant oils to produce scented products. “Artificial scents are one of the highest offenders on the toxicity scale because they are often a cocktail of up to hundreds of chemicals that can have various toxic effects on the body, including hormonal disruption and carcinogenic activity,” she stated. “If you avoid no other ingredient in your personal care choices, avoid artificial fragrance.”

“My goal as the owner of Aura Sensory is to educate the people who visit our site,” continued Norek. “Even if they don’t end up buying anything, I want to give them food for thought about why natural materials are so much better than the synthetic chemicals we’ve become so accustomed to. I want to educate them about the vitamins, minerals and naturally therapeutic constituents that are contained in so many of the ingredients we use in our products.” The website’s “Learn about Going Natural” section contains several articles on various oils and how to avoid harmful products. There is also a blog at to keep visitors updated about natural health and toxin-free living.

Before starting Aura Sensory, Norek ran several health, wellness and beauty blogs. After her research revealed how the cocktail of chemicals in conventional products affected the body, she began to purchase only natural skin care products. Then she started crafting her own products, the first of which was a natural deodorant. “The finished product worked better than any of the natural deodorants I had tried from store shelves,” said Norek. “From there, I endlessly tinkered with new product ideas, testing and retesting them until I felt they were ready to add as a product offering.”

All products come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, and Aura Sensory minimizes product packaging to reduce shipping costs. Norek often runs steep discounts on shipping rates. “We even refund customers if we find we can get them a cheaper shipping rate than quoted,” she said.

Norek’s newest offering is her hair care line, which includes a conditioner with silk amino proteins, argan oil, provitamin B-5 and several other extremely effective detangling, smoothing and penetrating deep conditioners and repair agents as well as a sulfate-free shampoo that has proved very popular. “People are surprised that a shampoo without harsh sulfates can give a great lather while also increasing shine and adding moisture,” she said. “I plan on adding more products down the road, so stay tuned.