Why the No Poo Method Might Not be for Everyone

“No Poo” has been an increasingly popular method of hair maintenance and cleansing.  Lots of people are curious about whether this no shampoo and no conditioner method of keeping hair clean and healthy can work for them.

You can definitely understand the appeal.  Why not try something that can cut down dramatically on your hair care costs while also potentially increasing the health of the hair and scalp?  There’s also an appeal to using two simple ingredients that are all natural and by all means very multipurpose and effective in the world of natural health and well being.

Why No Poo May Not Be the Right Method for All Hair

The problem is, it’s sometimes hard to get the No Poo method just right.  If you don’t get the alkaline and acidic pH balance right, it can really harm your hair and your scalp and be difficult to recover from.  That’s not to say that it can’t work its magic for many people, as attested to by many before and after pictures and praise.  However, for all the praise, there are also quite a few stories of damage that is difficult to reverse.

The results can be pretty frustrating and downright upsetting if this method doesn’t agree with your hair or scalp. There have been reports of hair loss with clumps of hair falling out, dry and dull hair that takes  long time to recover, and brittleness.

The Acid/Alkaline Idea Behind No Poo

Skipping traditional shampoo and conditioner is the main idea behind the No Poo cleansing and hair maintenance method.  The idea is to cleanse with either a solution or paste of baking soda, which is the alkaline part of the equation.

Then, you are supposed to balance out the pH of the hair and scalp by using a solution of apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar is great for the hair and scalp, as it helps gently condition and soften the hair. It also helps with porosity, which is the main reason we put this as one of the ingredients in our Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo.

The problem is, people who don’t get this balance right may experience adverse reactions to the cleansing method. They may experience breakage due to increased brittleness. They also may experience actual hair loss due to an adverse reaction by the scalp and hair follicles, which can be particularly susceptible to changes in pH.

The “Detox” Period

No pooers typically report experiencing a detox period of sorts. It can bring increased dryness, or an increase in oil production which leads to lank, oily hair.  People who advocate the method say that once this detox period is over, they experience an increase in hair and scalp health (and better appearance) that makes it all worth it.

However, some people never come out of this phase, or have a difficult time recovering the appearance and health of their hair.  It’s important to note there are many who use this method long term who love and swear by it, but also important to note that it simply doesn’t work for everyone.

The No Poo Alternatives

With other healthy and effective options like our sulfate free Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo and Deep Hydration Conditioner, you can really keep your scalp and hair in top shape without harsh chemicals nowadays anyway.  There are also numerous other options out there now that do away with harsh sulfates and other chemicals that can harm your hair and scalp.

There are many recipes for natural shampoos that use sulfate free lathering agents like castille soap and soap nuts.  Basically, you’re still cleaning your scalp, but you’re not relying on two ingredients that are on opposite sides of the pH spectrum.

Gone are the days of ineffective natural shampoos the left your hair either too dry or too limp.  With today’s knowledge and technology, as well as new lathering agents that forgo the use of sulfates, there are a range of very healthy, effective and scalp and hair friendly options to clean your hair and scalp.



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